Scanner delivered coupons definition

Advertising, Promotion, and other aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Chapter 11 consumer-promotions

Craig Andrews , Terence A. Cengage Learning , 8 giu - pagine. Comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals focuses on advertising and promotion, including planning, branding, consumer behavior, media buying, public relations, packaging, POP communications, and personal selling. Revisions to this most current IMC book on the market address must-know changes to environmental, regulatory, and ethical issues; marcom insights; place-based applications; privacy; global marketing; and, of course, memorable advertising campaigns.

Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version. Pagine selezionate Pagina del titolo. Indice analitico. Advertising Management and Media Choices. Sales Promotion Management. Subject Index. Shimp Anteprima non disponibile - Informazioni bibliografiche. Other IMC Tools. Make certain to read the terms that are on each Catalina coupon that you receive. Also, check your store policies about Catalina coupons.

Some stores will accept store-specific Catalinas distributed at a competitor's store. Many Catalina coupons that you will receive will relate to products that you have purchased. For example, if you bought Gravy Train dog food, it might trigger a Catalina coupon for savings on Alpo dog food as a way to entice you to try the different brand.

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The weekly grocery store circulars might also use wording like, "X-amount off your next purchase" which is another way of saying that the product qualifies for a Catalina coupon. Also, an online search of "current Catalina coupons" will direct you to the websites that have running lists of Catalina coupons that shoppers have received. However, the information may or may not apply to your area since Catalina coupons are distributed regionally. Definition excludes consumers who do not buy the carying brand.

Term Which of the following is a problem with the use of sampling? Definition In-store sampling often fails to reach sufficient numbers of consumers to justify its expense. Term The major method for distributing coupons in the US is Definition Free standing inserts.. Term Programs in which a service distributes coupons for a single company's multiple brands or brands from multiple companies are known as..

Definition Cooperative coupon programs. Term The amount paid to the consumer when he or she reedems the coupon at a retail checkout along with a purchase of the brand for which the coupon is offered is known as the Definition face value. Definition immediately.

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Term Which of the following is a major form of couponing activity? Term Which of the following is a point-of-purchase form of coupon? Definition Instantly redeemable coupon. Term Anthony picked up a package of paper plates and noticed tha there was a coupon stuck onto the package that stated, "Save 50 cents now! Which type of coupon did Anthony receive? Definition price-off deals. Term Which type of couponing allows a manuf. Definition Scanner delivered coupons. Term Mail-delivered coupons are generally used for Definition introducing new or improved products.

Definition They have the lowest redemption rates of all coupon-distribution methods. Definition Crossruffing.

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Definition bounce-back value. Term Which of the following is an advantage of in- and on- pack coupons?

Scanner delivered coupons definition

Definition Virtually no distribuion costs. Term Trina purchased a new brand of high-fiber cereal and noiced that there was a coupon printed on the back of the package worth 2 dollars off her next purchase of thi brand. What type of coupon is this? Definition On-pack.

Term Which type of couponing posesses considerable potential for fraud because consumers can possibly manipulate the face value or receive multiple copies of a coupon? Definition Online coupons.

Scanner delivered coupons

Term Major package goods companies are experimenting with coupon offers to mobile phone users. Definition wireless. Definition a clearing house. Term Agents of coupon-issuing manufactureres are known as Definition redemption centers. Term Individuals, or organizations of individuals, who either recruit the services of actual retailers to serve as conduits through which coupons are misredeemed, or operate phony businesses that exist soley for the purpose of redeeming huge qty of illegal coupons are known as Definition professional misredeemers.