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So I cancelled it and called the local place myself. The lady who answered was really nice and helpful, and said they had plenty of that size truck available and she would make sure the truck I needed was there for pick up at the original price quoted. Next day, I get another call from U-Haul and a different agent tells me I have to drive 30 miles to a different location to pick up now.

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When I told her I already talked to the local place and arranged the pickup, and that this was the 3rd time they were changing things on me, she just got an attitude and argued with me that they never changed anything, and I can either get the truck at the new location or cancel it. I rented a uhaul for 2 hours and dropped off the car the exact spot we picked it up from the rental desk lady told us to drop it off where we picked up 1 hour later, in a flawless condition.

I received a receipt for l 2 hour rental that marked the time of pick up and drop off. I spoke to uhaul, spoke to the owner who would not tell us what it was charged for, but just screamed at us and hung up on us multiple times , and back to uhaul, spoke to 2 different agents on uhaul side. After a while they told me that the fee is actually not a cleaning fee but a towing fee.

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We tried to speak to the owner again, and he ignored our calls. The customer experience told me to reach out to the field area manager and gave me a name and an office number. I could not get ahold of this person, as they were no longer employed!!

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Another agent told me that I had to dispute a ticket now with the city. I had nothing to go off on but I called the city with my equipment number and they told me that the car was ticketed the next day, and the ticket is for the uhaul owner, not us, as we were told to park in that spot which was legal parking spot on the day we returned it.

The agent told me that her supervisor will give me a call back, but I have not heard back. So my question is, why does uHaul say pounds? Is that because maybe they have some older F's or other Trucks with lower towing capacities? Or is it because they are using a hitch that is only rated at and not the full pounds the truck is rated for?

I need tow something that weighs right around pounds, so I want to make sure I'm within the legal limit. I rented a uhaul last weekend for moving purposes. In the process, I hit a low hanging roof in front of a hotel. When I brought the truck back the next morning I immediately talked to the people running the return area and we went over the truck, assessing the damage. They entered info and uploaded images into what I imagine was the mobile employee interface. They assured me I would receive a bill and that I would have 14 days to pay before they began charging fees.

Again, apologies for the wall of text. For those who missed the first post , this started just as a weekend project to help myself, to have details available and be able to help customers more quickly. After creating it, I felt like it might benefit others as well, so l shared it here. It is simple and easy to follow, just as the rest of the site has been. Interacting with U-Haul is a bit more difficult than the rest of their site. Once on the page, though, it becomes much easier to interact with them.

The page provides large, easy to find access to their live chat options, an email form, a direct contact email address, and phone numbers to call in the event you need to contact them for any reason.

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This page also provides a number of email addresses and phone numbers for different departments, so if you know where exactly you need to be routed you can skip the hassle of being sent to a bunch of different people trying to find the one who can help you. U-Haul has social media profiles on all major sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

In regards to their boxes, any unused boxes can be returned to them for full purchase price refund as long as the person returning the box has a receipt. Anonymous December 10, at AM. Anonymous March 10, at PM. Anonymous May 27, at AM. Anonymous May 29, at PM. Anonymous June 7, at PM.

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