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Step 7 — Line up the bottom edge of the second strip of velcro with the top edge of the first strip then press it firmly into place. You want to make sure the edges are butted up against each other with no gap…if not, you get an annoying white line. Step 8 — Apply patches so they are visually appealing to you.

If you have any patches that do not have the hook and loop side of the velcro, cut some hook and loop velcro to size and stick it on the back of the patch. Step 9 — Re-attach visors with Torx bit and driver. Finger screw both screws in first, then tighten with the bit and driver.

It is a bit easier to re-attach if you clip the visor back into the holder first. Step 10 — Repeat steps for the other visor. Step 11 — Enjoy adult beverage of your choice while admiring your handy work.

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Step 2: Wait for all of the dummy lights to turn off check engine light will stay on. Step 4: Release the accelerator at the same excruciatingly slow rate. Step 5: Turn Jeep off. Step 6: Start engine. Step 7: Take it on a test drive. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times…and probably again if the battery gets disconnected.

After driving around for almost a month with the calibration, I can say that the power dips are gone. The second mod I did for Tankie was to poly-fil my sound bar. There are You-Tube videos on how to do this for pres, so you can check those out too. Tools needed: Poly-fil T20 Torx bit and driver 1 celebratory adult beverage of your choosing or 2 if you really break a sweat.

Step 1: using the Torx bit and driver, remove the three screws holding in the speaker cover. Step 2: using the Torx bit and driver, remove the three screws holding in the speaker. Step 3: hold the speaker in one hand and shove the poly fil into the open areas behind the speaker in the soundbar.

Step 5: hold the speaker in place with one hand and finger screw in the first two screws…this will hold the speaker in place for you while you finger screw in the third screw.

Battery status indicator. Charge fully drained lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Safely maintain all types of batteries. Quick pull apart permanent connections are great for power sport vehicles. Features Unique and differentiating feature of amp shutters. Electricity explained in a way that makes it useful for mechanics.

Zippered Carrying Case Included. Diagnose and fix problems on vehicles and newer when the check engine warning lights are on. You choose the display update rate twice per second or once per second. Does Most Everything you could imagine. The Quick Ripple Tester is designed to easily and efficiently test alternators for a variety of issues, including ripple, through the DC outlet cigarette lighter. Most digital units measure in dual modes. Displays maximum and minimum readings in real time. Display waveforms in real time.

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The tool offers the same features and functions as the AL, but comes with the added benefits of ABS diagnosis and potential fault code explanation. Trouble-shooting features and accuracy to solve more problems on conventional and hybrid vehicles. Bottle of smoke producing solution for your EVAPro leak detection system. The inverted screen feature lets you flip the screen over for easy viewing. With a little skill, a service technician can install a new valve stem in minutes. Turns off the warning light for vehicles with auto relearn or manual relearn mode.

Master Domestic, European and Asian vehicle coverage. WIFI communication to point of sale Item. Interchangeable probes for a wide range of testing possibilities. Wire probe is. Provides easy access to check current or voltage on nearly all of the fuses and relays used, including most Euro vehicles.

Energize any relay powering a DC motor for testing. Works with both 12 and 24 volt systems. For use up to 30 volts. Measures from 5. Probes easily insert into automotive connectors. Terminal Removal Tool Kits Easily removes terminals from electrical connectors and eliminates damage to wires and terminal blocks.

The dual-durometer handle has a push-button release to easily exchange picks.

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Handles are dual durometer material for comfort and grip. Large, comfortable handle. Each is hardened and tempered for maximum durability, and each is individually black oxided, ground and polished to a smooth metallic shine. Ground surface for high visibilty and identification. Black oxide and coated for corrosion resistance. When you are on the handle, you are on the bar! Dead Blow Hammers Polyurethane is resistant to cuts, splits, abrasion, and most shop chemicals KD Comfortable textured handle resists slipping.

Ball peen hammers 32oz Rubber mallet.

No Slip Grip. Complete starter sets primarily for collision repair work and can be used for spreading, bending, pushing and clamping operations. Internal relief valve protects the hydraulic components regardless of hydraulic pressure. Pump, hold or release load with foot lever control. Reservoir cu. Glue pullers are the only means of PDR repair when the back panel is not accessible. Easy to master -- training DVD included. Magnetic reflector board included.

All are constructed with a rugged fiberglass shank, vibration-absorbing rubber grip and famous Martin quality steel heads. Electrodes allow for straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree positioning of the staple for maximum versatility. Repair plastic components: car bumpers, motorbike fairings and any other plastic part. Removes imperfections on paint jobs such as dirt and runs, without respraying. Designed to provide you with the right sizes of hole cutters needed to accomplish many jobs.

Powerful 15 Amp, 4. Will effectively cut auto panel spot welds.

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Powerful Anti-Spatter Material Prevents spatter adhesion on surface, reduces clean-up time and is nonflamable. Safely use it on the weld surface, of the mig torch area to reduce build up of spattered weld. Weld Right out of the Box! Ergonomic glove, designed especially for TIG Welding, with flame retardant Nomex back to withstand the heat. Stud gun has the same welding power as the professional series. The Uni-Spotter Deluxe Stud Welder Kit is a superior stud welding kit for the professional body man who wants the best. No longer does the stud fall out of the welder when the welder is pointed in a downward direction.

Twin hose for Oxygen Acetylene gas welding outfits. Auto Darkening Helmets 3. Replacement Lenses: 4. Premium Quality Hand and Machine Brushes.

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B Performs hole punching and panel crimping featuring a rotating head for convenient use. Perfect for fastening door panels and various automotive trim. Includes nuts or rivets for most popular automotive uses. Saves time and disassembly effort! Heavy-duty design, with special bend to clear door panels, removes hinge pins. Pro Kits feature heavy-duty diecast aluminum housing and easy change heating elements with rubber back adjustable stand Item. Fixes just about anything!

Eddy Pro Heat Guns include a stand for hands free operation.